Photovoltaic inverters

A photovoltaic inverter (photovoltaic “inverter / converter”) is an electrical device that converts a direct DC current into an alternating AC current.

In order to power the utilities through a photovoltaic system we must interface them through an inverter which is positioned between the photovoltaic modules and the electricity grid.

The types of inverters are different:

  • single-phase version typically for civil use (for systems normally powered at 220V, 50Hz)
  • three-phase version for industrial systems (systems powered at 380V, 50Hz).

Each inverter is chosen in relation to the type of photovoltaic system, connected to the distribution network (grid-connected) or in the off-grid version for the construction of stand-alone systems.

GruppoSTG sells FIMER, ZCS and SOLIS inverters for its plants and projects.

Here are some examples of installations made:

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